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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Cost of Adoption

Thank you! Bless you! Praise God!

My adoption puzzle is growing! I have proudly and lovingly placed 53 names on the back of 53 puzzle pieces. See below. I can't wait to finish it and mount it in my home as a reminder of all who have helped me and BB.
Now, I am well aware that this is a 1,000 piece puzzle and I have a ways to go! Some of you may be wondering about the cost of international adoption. I am here to tell you that it is costly but well worth it. God has provided every penny that I have needed thus far. He has placed generosity in the hearts of friends and strangers. He loves adoption and I have no worries about His provision.

Right now, I am gathering funds for my referral acceptance. When that happens (hopefully soon), I will need to write a check for over $11,000. I am not yet half way there but have confidence that I will be. If talking about money makes you uncomfortable, then I apologize. It does me too. As a matter of fact, asking for financial help has been a very humbling experience for me.

So, the puzzle fundraiser continues! I would love to have sponsors for another 50 pieces this week. God is so good! He is teaching me so many things. I appreciate all of you who are reading my blog and who are praying for me! It means so much!!

Knee deep in puzzle pieces and so very grateful!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Piece of the Puzzle

This week I officially reached 8 months of waiting for a referral! I am getting closer and feel very hopeful that something will happen soon. Many people ask me if I am bothered or frustrated by the wait. My first reaction is to say yes....I am ready to be a mom and ready to get this show on the road. However, I find myself answering in truth that there is plenty to do as I wait patiently for a referral.

Over the Christmas break, I spent some time finally clearing out the room for BB. It took a few days and actually looked like an episode from Hoarders at one point. I pushed through and now actually have a room that is almost ready. I am not decorating a room yet since I don't know the age or gender of BB. That fun will come after referral....

In the meantime, another thing that I need to face during my wait is fundraising. I basically need to gather a large chunk of money to submit when I get my referral. That does not include the money that I will need to travel twice to Ethiopia. Rest assured that I am doing all that I can to save for this adoption but I need help.....

I have a plan......(okay, I borrowed someone else's plan and ask permission to copy it.) I am asking people to be a part of my adoption journey by sponsoring pieces of my puzzle (see below). This is a 1,000 piece puzzle. It is aptly titled, "Waiting for the Bus" by Julia Cairns.

As a donation of $10.00 is given for each piece, I will write the sponsor's name on the back of the puzzle piece. When the puzzle is complete, I will mount the puzzle between two panes of glass and hang it in my home. My child and I will be able to admire the art and it will serve as a reminder of all who blessed us along our journey.

If you are interested in donating, please click on the donate button. One puzzle piece is $10.00.
Each week, I will give a progress update and picture of the puzzle. Thank you in advance for considering helping out with this endeavor. I thank God for you!!

If you would like to donate in another way, please email me at